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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 17, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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we have our eye on storm scan3. please, slow your roll today. >> live look at center city, a lot of snow falling at love park. >> making for tricky morning commute . school delays and close expecting philadelphia schools to make a decision coming up in the next half hour. we'll bring that to you as soon as we have it. >> team three coverage, we begin in our weather center katie with the latest. katie, good morning. >> good morning guys, that snow continues to fall down pretty steadily, pretty heavily at this hour. specially through the extreme southern portions of delaware
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new jersey, you are going to end up with the biggest impact in terms of total snow accumulations in the areas. although the entire delaware valley up toward the poconos definitely engulfed here with the snow. so as we take you on outside we will show you starting things off with storm scan3 the darkest shades of purple, radar 101 indicating where you have the most intense snowfall rates coming down, decent bands coming down through portions of chester, southern lancaster county in toward mercer county, but going through the rest of this morning, you can already see in fact, we zoom it out one time for you here, you see there is at least a hint after back edge to this. so really, as i would say through the next four, maybe five hours that we will be dealing with there is but then we're basically going to start to clear things out the damage will have been done, you'll have clean to up do. we still have winter weather advisory in all of the counties shade in the firm winter storm warnings continue in effect for all of the areas shaded in hot pink. these have since been reduced to go out of effect at
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10:00 a.m. that will gives awe indication things will be winding down a little sooner, which is good, as we get through the rest of the afternoon, it does mean perhaps maybe end up with easier afternoon and evening commute because of. that will if you have got few extra hours maybe to dot clean up here. but that said, we will still have quite a bit of the clean to up do specially through the southern half of our area as we mentioned, like i said, southern most new jersey, cape may, cumberland, portions of atlantic county then across the bay into delaware could even pick up more than half foot out of. >> this this is definitely going to be impact full scenario, further north you go not much at all. it is the very light powdery fluffy snow variety. so 1 inch of that, locally up to three through the northern tier of the area, isn't going to be too back breaking for you hopefully. here's how it all times out. up until 7:00 a.m. the next couple of hours steadiers and heaviest of the snow that we have left will continue to fall. it will lead to slow and slick morning drive. now the plow trucks as we all know will be out doing their thing, but you are going to run into slow travel. so be ready for.
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that will speaking of slow travel, i send things taught meteorologist, justin dray brick, will be live with us in the mobile weather lab justin i'm sure ooh ' moving slowly right now? >> yes, that's right katie. i don't recommend heading out on the roads any time soon. wait for the snow to come to an end. give it another hour or two after the storm is done, let the road crews get on here and get on ton of t then venture out later this morning. this is how it looks on 95 south headed into south philadelphia. it is snow covered, not deep snow, but enough to keep things slick. i would say good half inch maybe to up an inch. plows are many doing through but the problem is it is so cold, 15 degrees right now so it is that fluffy snow. it accumulates so fast, a lot of air in it, so the plows come through and 15, 20 minutes, it is covered again. and speeds very slow, speed restrictions on 95 right now 45 miles per hour, now coming up to your left, you can see a lot of flashing lights, that's 95 north, there is a tractor-trailer accident, so
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they have a few lanes closed down, i think only one lane getting by, the flares are up, so that's probably going to be the scene over the next few hours, as the traffic increases, they'll be issues like that on the roads. so, if you have to get out over the next few hours obviously you'll have to use your best judgement, allow the extra drive time, use caution as you can see roads just terrible at the moment. and it is really not any bet nerve delaware, as well as the steady snow continues. that's the latest here in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab on 95 more updates all across the highways, throughout the morning, and for the rest of traffic let's go back into jess in the studio, good morning. >> thank you justin, funny driving by the first incident here i am about to talk about actually 95, right around penn's landing where that incident is that justin just passed momentarily ago. actually northbound lanes we do have jackknife tractor-trailer, actually only one lane getting by due to that incident as you can
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expect, some speed restrictions all over the place, roadways definitely slippery. this is actually the blue route northbound, the ramp from the blue route northbound headed to the schuylkill westbound. that's actually closed for the time being due to another jackknife tractor-trailer incident. see police active tip in the scene. can't actually see the incident in the camera. you can see road flares there, as well, and police activity on the scene. for the rest of the pa majors, we actually lifted them off here. you can see how extreme it is, all down to 45 miles an hour, the schuylkill, 95 the blue route, vine street expressway, you name it, pretty much to be safe today we're definitely going to go slow everywhere. even if they don't have the 45-mile per hour speed restrictions, so far out on the schuylkill expressway eastbound just past gulph mills, an accident, we will be expecting those to pop up all over the place as roads are definitely slippery. speed restrictions, 25 miles per hour for the betsy walt, ben, commodore barry, mass transit, all of the septa buses actually detoured, definitely check with septa to see if that's affecting you so
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far currently no problems for new jersey transit all running on normal schedule as well as the regional rails for septa all running on normal schedule. we will keep you updated on that. patco speed line running on snow schedule beginning at 5:00 a.m. back to you. >> in the garden state governor chris christie has delayed the opening of state offices until 11:00 a.m. this morning, because of our winter storm. >> central employees should still report on time. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in clementon, camden count way look at the conditions there jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee good morning, it is smoke steadily here, in clementon camden county this morning. you can see on the grounds it is very light, fluffy snow. we have about couple of inches on the grounds right now, and whole lot of snow on the roads, as well, coming to you live, just off of 400 block of south white horse pike here in clementon. where you can see the roads are looking snow covered, i tell you, they are in as bad shape as they were five minutes ago and that's because half dozen snow plows just came through here and took off that top layer.
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but side streets back streets, highways, looking pretty much the same right now. snow covered getting from philadelphia to south jersey, not a treat this morning, a lot of cars without the four wheel drive having tough time going up some inclines. they had their flashers on, the good news of course is that we've seen lot of plow trucks out this morning, a lot of state truck in the echelon formation where they are one behind the other all the way across the highway to get all of the snow off in one fell swoop. also seen again this road clears, salt trucks out here, so work is being done, but with the snow falling like this, they are only trying to keep up at this point. so, if you are one of those early morning commuters you got to build in a lot of extra time because it is very slow going out here. reporting live in clementon jan carabeo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jan, thanks for, that we'll get back to you. it might be good idea to check on the status of your flight if you have one, if you expect to fly out of philadelphia international airport today. latest type of winter is lead
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to go delays at the airport. hundreds every flights in and out of the airport along the east coast are seeing concellations, as well, and major delays. so please plan ahead if you are flying today. you know, maneuvering through philadelphia's manayunk neighborhood can be difficult when the weather is nice. >> let alone when it is snowing. can't imagine. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now out there in the middle of it, good morning. >> reporter: good morning here on main street, right below, standing in three four perhaps 3 inches of snow out here, it is powdery fine and right to up my ankles there. then look at the roads as you can see here, they are actually not quite clear at this time. we have seen plows in the area circling, we imagine perhaps hitting those hills first which can be very dangerous in conditions like, that zero these, knocking out the hills first, making their way down here to the major street here, the side streets in this area to also somewhat snowy at this point, but as you can see right now not much in the way
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of car or foot traffic going on here, but we imagine as the day wears on that perhaps that will likely change, the store own letters come out here, perhaps, snow off or rather shovel off the sidewalks here, get them clear for you and perhaps streets will start to clear up with plowing as well as general traffic in the area as well. we came here on the schuylkill out here, the roads were very snowy, and slippery, had few near misses on the way out here. you will want to go very slow on the roads highways, this morning, because the conditions can be treacherous. this snow is fine. and slippery and powdery and can cause a problem for drivers if you are not careful out here on the roads this morning. that's the latest in manayunk justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thanks so much. now, we want to see your snow pictures, send this tomorrow us on twitter stain gram and facebook using hashtag cbs-3 snow. you might see them right here on tv. >> still ahead this morning "eyewitness news" the novel way boston is dealing with the 95 inches of snow that's piled
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up around the sit. >> i and of course, another update on the storm that's moving through our area this morning, this is live look at the conditions on the road see at cbs-3 mobile weather lab we'll have the very latest on the other side.
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the snow still coming down this morning, live look at conditions at philadelphia's museum of art. that is a very pretty picture in our month of february right now. we're keeping an eye on the storm for you. dark and early this morning here on cbs-3. >> mike denardo from our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is on the phone for us right now. watch are you? >> good morning, erika i'm in cherry hill on route 70 eastbound approaching 295. and the new jersey dot road crews have made a path or two
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on route 7o but still the rub is her not meeting the road. it is still completely snow covered. you can't see the white lines painted on the road. and if you go onto a secondary street, side street, if you want to turnoff the road onto a side street or into a parking lot, you are going to feel the cars slide because the roads are snow covered and crews really have not had a chance to get out done their thing yet. >> have you seen any road crews? >> route 70, yes crews are out, right now the snow still coming down, and i think they wanted to wait a little bit and let the snowfall before they got out and did what they needed to do. but, yes crews are out, and they are working. this is prime time for them, ukee. >> all right those off and onramps can be very tricky indeed. we'll check back with you thanks. >> you bet. 4:13 hey snow still coming down affecting a loft areas
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right, katy? >> i think as we've been hearing from all of the field crews out there that's been the issue. not so much it is not plowable snow or too tough to get rid of it, the fact it keeps coming down, when they do get rid of it it, accumulates back up againment i can personally tell you i absolutely notice the difference between the roads that had just been plowed part of the schuylkill versus part of the schuylkill that the plow had not had a chance to get over by the time i was driving over t that may be your biggest issue if you have to hit the road, you may want to try to wait it out if you k outside showing you couple of different views radar, nice discontinuing back edge to this, so this will be essentially rotating away with time, we will be stick with it for the next couple of hours. i would say absolutely no later than lunchtime, we are done with it. far off to the south very heavy snow currently falling just outside of norfolk virginia southern most tear of the delmarva peninsula definitely getting hit but places getting hit even harder by this snow right now. here's where we stand thus far in a couple of locations, so
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far, we've only pick up one and a half inches or so from the latest readings from north cape may 2 inches so far in reading, milton has pick up three and a half, take you out to the live neighborhood network here specifically out at the boardwalk plaza rehoboth, we just check some of the local storm reports there, so far four and a half inches in nearby fenwick island. steve say we have about that much on the boardwalk right now out here in rehoboth. now, let's walk you through this. again, back edge is evident here. so it may be sooner rather than later for some of you that you begin to see the final flakes flying here. and i again would say that by the tail end of the typical morning rush, absolutely, no later, than lunchtime, we are going to see all of this completely pull away. here is the thing though, don't bling, folks couple of additional snow showers already here tomorrow. now, i don't think we have to worry about any accumulation from this. notice the time stamp. probably won't even come until the evening, even if it does come through again i don't think we have to worry about accumulation or real quick check on the eyewitness seven day, more than anything,
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additional snow showers and flurries come courtesy of fresh burst of arctic cold, so stuck in the deep freeze again on thursday and friday. and guys, you can always get your updated forecast any time with our cbs philly weather app. check live radar get severe weather alerts, share your storm textures with us, down loan the app on itunes, google play and free. over to you. >> yes definitely going to experience rough morning. accident are all over the place, speed row vick seans everywhere, on the area bridges, we start offer things, though, out on the roosevelt boulevard where you can see pretty serious situation here, an accident with police activity on the scene push over into the center median. and actually tow trucks snow trucks actually, moving their way by the incident at the same time. so actually partially good thing here. but his is the boulevard right between fox and kelly drive, and the southbound lanes, blog out part of the left-hand lane part of the center lane, as well, as everybody is squeezing on by in the right hand shoulder, police activity on the scene there. you can see even slow going
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in the northbound lanes, which is exactly what we want to see. over out on the blue route the blue route the ramp in the blue route northbound actually is closed currently due to jackknife tractor-trailer, incident in the area, and that's headed toward the schuylkill westbound. that is closed for the time being. you can see a lot of problems here, road flares there, up at the top and slow going on the blue route as well. as well as the rest of the majors, and i go over to the maps here, show you, we have a lot of speed restrictions, schuylkill, 95 the blue route, pretty much all over the place down to 45 miles an hour and if you don't see those speed restrictions do that anyway, ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thanks so much. let's warm things one some sports action. the number six villanova wildcats avenge their earlier over time lost to seton hall with wire to wire win over the pirate at the pavilion. nova hit 12, three-point shots on the night including this three, and foul from darren hilliard. led nova with 18 points. late in the game, the wildcats ryan was hit in the face by
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seton hall sterling. now, gibbs was tossed out for the flagrant foul. archie stayed in the game, we understand, gibbs apologized after the game. no room for that in a game. villanova wins convince ily 80 to 54. they play marquette in milwaukee saturday just five games left until the biggies tournament. on the ice now the flyers are back in action tomorrow night hosting the columbus blue jacket at the well in south philly. sunday night the fly guys beat the sane ers two to one the game two-point in the playoff race. the flyers have earned point in nine straight games and now span five points, just five points behind the boston bruins for the last playoff spot. the nhl trade deadline two weeks away, but the flyers are making some noise down the stretch. let's keep it going fellows. now trade could mean a veteran presence for that stretch run or the flyers could get a steady veteran back in time. general manager ron next tall says defenseman keep owe continue man will take part as
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he continues his come back attempt. remember he has been out all year long with blood clotsment hextall says continue man needs full week of contact practice before he gets back in the line up. they do not want to rush him. get well, young man get well. erika, back to you. >> thank you still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news" much more on the storm churning right through the region right now. here is a live look at the conditions in manayunk. how about that snow coverage. plus water pipe burst at new york movie theater even bringing down light fixtures. the cause of this huge mess. details coming
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>> we have our eye on a winter storm this morning. "skycam 3" here giving us live look from ocean city and cape may county. see the snow already on the board, there katie has the latest track on that forecast coming up for in you just a couple of moments. first, though, some very scary moments at new york city movie
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theater. >> how about that? this was the matinee horror show, you are watching exclusive eyewitness video of water pipe bursting, as an amc on the upper west side. amc says cold weather caused an overhead sprinkler to freeze and then burst it shut down the theater for six hours, we're told. >> now boston, they are used to clever teak neither clear the 95 inches every snow burried the city this went. this is called a snow farm. it has a machine equipped with hot jet melt the snow, then pumps that water into the sewer system. that machine melts 300,000-pound of snow per hour but the proud is her still piling up. boston officials say they would need 30 days of clearing, like this, 30 days, just to get the transportation system up and running just to gave you a idea how much snow they are dealing with there. thankfully we haven't had that bad after winter, finally seeing some snow, katy?
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>> yes certainly feels like finally making up for lost time doesn't it? so we've got the cold, certainly got the snow out there this morning and it looks like we will see reinforcements comes in in terms of the cold in the next couple of days, by the weekend might even be more snow to track. so february shaping up to be the big winner, in terms of the month with the most cold and the most snow so far for our area. but, as we start things off by taking you on out show you first, this is a look at the large picture here. the further south you go, the milder air is in place. so thankfully that's actually not us this time t would depend whether you love or hate snowy think. but not dealing with ice, and i think that's real important point to make. because in through north carolina especially out toward the coast dealing with significant icing out of the storm, for us, it is nothing but purple on that radar here at the local level. so everyone is getting hit everyone is getting snow. and it is that very light and fluffy variety of snow, although, we are still finding it coming down pretty stead letter pretty quickly. so specially we highlight
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southern new jersey, and all of the state of delaware, especially in these regions you have got the best shot to pick up the most in terms of accumulation especially, notice, through cape may county and in through sussex county, as well as portions at least of kent county and delaware here. so six to 9 inches absolutely not without question before it is said and done for you since you simply have steadier snowfall rate up that way or i should say down that way the further north go, those totals do begin to drop offment going up toward say lehigh valley, poconos, portions of montgomery, chester county, may end up one to three invent for you. that's why you can understand we have winter storm warning posted in the hot pink here, across the southern tear of our area, winter weather advisory posted though still for philadelphia county, chester, montgomery, bucks and then across the border into mercer. so as we go throughout the rest of this morning going to keep those alerts in effect through the typical morning rush, they are expected to expire at 10:00 a.m., 10:00 is
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the current or, sorry, ten is the actual temperature difference, we moderated 10 degrees, in other words since yesterday. so not as harsh but it is still cold enough, folks even as we only get to you 28 degrees, that's actually easing up from yesterday's highs, but it is still obviously cold enough that any of this precipitation that comes through will definitely be snow. it is out of here no later i would say, than lunchtime at the absolute latest, but we'll have some clean up to do. meanwhile fresh batch of arctic cold comes our way stuck again in the deep freeze for thursday and friday. jess, over to you. >> thank you katie. yep, good morning everybody little bit close to 4:30, actually, already seeing ton of accidents, ton of speed restrictions, problems on the area bridges, and we start things off on the roosevelt boulevard where we do have an accident here, you can see tons of police activity on the scene, slow going both lanes really, but the accident is in the southbound lanes right between fox and kelly drive. so you can see everybody squeezing on by, really really crawling past that accident scene, as that is blocking out
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the left-hand lane, part of the left hand shoulder, everyone squeezing by single file over to the right-hand side. and over, from the ramp, from the blue route northbound, to the schuylkill westbound actually jackknife tractor-trailer, see road flares in the way. police activity and everything on the scene with that incident as well. so just use some caution. additionally, all of the pa majors are dealing with lower speed restrictions here, so the schuylkill expressway, 95, pretty much all across the board everywhere down to 45 miles per hour. if you don't see the speed restrictions, we want you to do that anyway. elsewhere on the schuylkill expressway eastbound just past gulph mills, an accident, and all of the area bridges betsy, walt, ben commodore barry, down to 25 miles an hour ukee, back over to you. >> thank you. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" has it eye on the storm here is another look live from our mobile weather lab traveling around the area. how much snow each area is seeing, and how it will affect the morning commute. >> also, the snow caused massive explosion in west virginia after a train caring more than 100 tankers of crude
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oil is derailed. why hundreds of families had been forced to evacuate. >> also, here is a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. are you a germ owe phone? >> very scare. i'm concerned about getting sick, i can't afford to get sick. >> are you wore bid germs? >> not really. >> not at all. i ride the subway every day. >> what about the 52nd rule? it is okay to eat something that dropped on the floor if it is only been there for a few seconds. >> unless it has dirt all to ever. >> until the bathroom do you always put down the toy lit lid when you flush. >> yes, we do, that i do that, just me in the house the kids know to do that. >> in public rest rooms think dryers are better than paper towels? the great germ debate. what's silly and what's sensible to help keep you cold and flu free. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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>> our eye is on the storm packing a punch across the region. this is courtesy of "skycam 3", where the snow is still falling right now making it tough to see out there. number of schools are delayed or closed, and that information of course is at the bottom of your screen. >> we have live team three coverage for you. let's check back in with meteorologist, katie fehlinger on this storm's track. >> thankfully at least the storm's track is it will be depart withing time. so not watching it arrive, rather really going see the final hours of it, over the next couple of hours the timing obviously a lot less than ideal since a lot of people are hits the road and trying to go about their day. so a loft delays, a loft closures are expected because of this. but yes, you can see all of the purple over my shoulders. let's take it full screen, show you what's happening out there as we start things off with quick check on the roof camera, "skycam 3", certainly showing poor visibility for us at this hour. and you can definitely tell by looking at the road surface that they are snow covered here off in the


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